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In their latest show, 'Pennangalanamania!', Grieve Perspective turn their collective dark eye to the myth of the Pennangalan. In a video installation, this disembodied she-beast is depicted floating in a jungle as a living embodiment of this ancient Southeast Asian myth. Her head is a goat's skull, garlanded with flowers, and her chest is a hollow cavity from which her entrails freely dangle. The audience is invited to listen to her tell stories of death and life, all of which are drawn from real-life situations in which these two conditions have become difficult to define. In a manner that is disturbing yet thoughtful, she presents the arguments that these conditions inevitably illicit, yet does not commit to any clear moral trajectory. Complementing this piece will be a range of videos and digital prints that build upon this theme.

Pennangalanamania! invite.jpg

- Pennangalanamania! -

ICA LaSalle Singapore

14 August – 28 August, 2013


Installation shots

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