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- Singapored -

The Singaporean urban landscape is a neurotic mix of many different architectural styles: Peranakan, Colonial, European classical, Modernist, Chinese, Indian and Housing and Development Board high-rise flats, all jostling for a purchase upon our loyalties. However, we are not shy about bulldozing these bothersome artifacts and to cast our dreams as candy-colored shopping-malls that pierce the grey of our high streets. The destruction of a thing lays bare the form of that thing and in this way our pock-marked history charts itself. This guiltless relationship to destruction is the reason that the fear of the coming apocalypse has not taken hold of us as strongly as it has our western brothers, who have the bad luck to completely own their past. By forcing the hand on loss we have preempted it and learned to celebrate the void.

Date January 2012
Duration 2 mins, 47 seconds

Details Singapored 01.jpg Singapored 02.jpg